Can Bubble integrate with low-code or legacy systems?

Hi all,

I’m asking if anyone has experience using Bubble in the governmental sector or using Bubble solely as a frontend integrated with enterprise applications. Typically, these are legacy applications or low-code applications created using tools such as Appine, CA GEN, or OutSystems. Customers often use Angular or React.js as the frontend with these tools to reduce costs, as most changes are made by the user. I’m curious if anyone has used Bubble instead of Angular or React.js.

I would greatly appreciate any information or experiences you can share regarding the following:

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Successful use cases: If any of you have firsthand experience using Bubble as a frontend alongside low-code tools for building enterprise applications, I would love to hear about your successes, challenges, and any best practices you have discovered.

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Integration considerations: Are there any specific considerations or challenges we should be aware of when integrating Bubble with existing low-code tools and legacy enterprise applications? Any insights into compatibility, data exchange, or performance optimization would be immensely valuable.