Can I create a Frontend application using Bubble but Backend is somewhere else (example wordpress)?

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My question is regarding the topic title. Is is possible to create only a Frontend using Bubble but backend/database is external platform, for example Wordpress? Can I create CRUD application from this Bubble Frontend?

The reason for this is a client of mine already have a wordpress website setup, and he only want an app. And we are not converting the wordpress website into an app.

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You should be able to do that, yeah!

WordPress has the functionality to serve a REST API - which basically allows you to connect WordPress to other platforms.

Bubble has an API Connector plugin – which allows you to load data from external sources / APIs.

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Thank you @robbertmastebroek for your reply. I will look at the Wordpress REST API.

This mean is my client need to create the REST API on Wordpress side, and for that he needs a coder to help create the API.

Wordpress plugin usually is to be installed amd configured. No code needed

I have the same question, could someone explain this to me?
Bubble Frontend App > Bubble submission creates WordPress Post (concept)
WordPress site is already live, running, and gives the ability for users to front end post using Gravity F.

We have integromat too.

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Yes. If you have any projects, share with me.

I am available on Skype - for discussion. I will provide you assistance at minimum rates.
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