Can I know how many users visited my website?

Hello. Is there a way to know how many people have visited my website? I am not planning on using google analytics but if it is the only way, I will. So is there anything other than google analytics?

You can create a new thing each time the page is loaded. Maybe on the backend so it doesn’t slow down your page load.

Create a new analytics item data type and save the data you want.

Then you can group the analytics by month or day or week and show them on a chart.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

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thanks I will try that.

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a small question what do you mean by backend?

I think this should be shown. But I can’t see it on my app.

I turned workflow API on and now it is showing. Thanks again.

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@J805 can you make an example or provide some screenshots of the workflow. It is not working with me

I got it working this way. Is it good?

I can’t get it to show as a line