Can i link all code with no code?

Hi bubble community
I there’s an e-commerce platform " all by coding " they have more than 15 k users but I don’t think they have an app for the platform

Can I build for them no cod app and link to thier platform through API or something
So anyone subscribed can login and viewing their order and renew their subscription etc …

For example shopify application

Sure… why not? Go for it.

(although if by ‘app’ you’re talking specifically about a mobile app, which I suspect you might be, Bubble might not be the best choice for that).

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Yes I mean mobile app , but why ?

Bubble is primarily a tool for building web apps. Although you can ‘convert’ a web app into a mobile app using ‘wrappers’, you can’t build an actual native mobile app with Bubble.

So it really depends on what you need, and what you’re trying to do, as to what the best tool for the job will be.

So there’s alot of agency that use bubble offer me to build me an app , is that mean the performance will be bad or it depends on the features of the app

Let’s say I want to build an app for my e-commerce store so my customers can use it and order from there
Will bubble be the right choice?

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