Can I output HTML in my Bubble App that I can then embed into another page/application?


I would like my bubble app to output HTML (bottom left of the image below) where a user could then copy and paste this HTML to embed in another application (EX: Confluence).

Then, when I update my bubble app with a change, the change will be reflected in the other application (Confluence). Does anyone know if this is possible?


@josh @emmanuel or @Bubble would you be able to shed some light/knowledge on this?

Use text field, it doesn’t convert code

Hi Melon, thanks for your response but it it kind of vague. So there is no way to create a form or something in Bubble and then output that form as HTML (like in the picture in the original post) to embed somewhere else?

I think, you are trying to create an embeddable code, so others can copy it and display on their site. To achieve this, create a new page, where you code the URL with certain SLUG and display the data based on URL calls. embedded code can be provided as standard