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Can I play a sound file as an app cue? (Not music player)

I thought if Bubble can play a sound file as a sound cue used in OSes, not the music player, but related to a error messages, or success in getting something done.


Is it a silly or obvious question - can Bubble play a sound file in a workflow or condition? @emmanuel @josh @georgeciobanu


this is something I’d be interested in as well,

the ability to press a button (for example), and then to run a sound from a file, as quickly as possible. That latter part being critical: it shouldn’t take any noticeable lag to load the file and start playing it.

@bubble: Thanks to consider it, that would open many doors !
Both on PCs and mobile, ideally

thanks in advance


I develop my programs in phases. Currently they don’t need audio. However as my programs go through the various phases - they are definitely going to need low-latency audio, and eventually Midi functionality.

Unfortunately, it looks like this will cause me to have to re-do all my programs in code, but seeing the rate with which Bubble create new possibilities - they may have this functionality by the time I need it.

I don’t believe I can make money from my programs until they incorporate low-latency audio.