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Can + New Topic button be added to header?

Can the ‘+ New Topic’ button be moved up next to the magnifying glass on the header in the forum? It is impossible to find. The only way I find it is to click on the hamburger icon in between the magnifying glass and my profile photo, click on ‘latest’ and then it shows up. I think that would be more convenient. Thanks

If you go back to the main forum page, with the list of posts, it’s there, under the icon and hamburger.

Yeah we use discourse, so it’s not directly customizable as Bubble is.

Mine shows fine. It’s only hidden when you scroll the page down.

I guess it’s not available when you’re reading a post. Which is what I’m usually doing when I’m in the forum

It’s obviously not the end of the world if it can’t be changed, but it would be a smoother UX.