Can No Longer See My App Data or Fields

I have an app that has been developed for us and now I am going in and making changes and slowly coming up to speed on Bubble.

Have run into one issue that I cannot seem to figure out that is probably simple.

Which I am in the Editor and click on Data/Data Types, I can no longer see, edit, or add fields? I am assuming this is a setting somewhere but I cannot seem to find.

Also I can no longer see my app data. Everything is working fine in the app so I know it is there but I just can no longer see it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is where your data lives

Just make sure what you are seeing is either development data or live data. Bubble has a database for development and a database for the live app.

thanks and understand but I think I have that right. For example, here is a full screen shot of app data.

So I believe I am viewing development data but just not seeing anything, can’t edit, etc.

Click on one and the table should show

Hi there, @chris24… check your browser zoom, too. This “missing data” issue comes up a lot when the browser zoom isn’t set to 100%.



Thanks Mike. Was set at 100% but gave me an idea that worked…

Switched browsers and all is good… was running in Firefox and was starting to get a bunch of weird stuff in the editor.