Can’t Get Chart Elements To Work


I’m using the native chart element in bubble to create a doughnut chart. However I am stumped when it comes to entering the numbers to be displayed within the chart.

I am importing the data from Airtable using an API call referencing the cell to take the text from Airtable. I am ever wrong this into the ‘value expression’.

Essentially I am looking to use the doughnut chart as a dial to reflect a score out of 10, whereby the score will be in green and the remaining part of the doughnut ring will be in red. How I see creating this is that first number is imported from an Airtable cell then the second number comes from “10-‘first number’”, that could be added as a formula in the text box but I can’t see how to do that.

Or maybe a separate cell added in the Airtable column that it references somehow. I’ve experimented with the later but it doesn’t seem to pick up the numbers to display them.

I imagine i can’t get it working as I am using the doughnut chart incorrectly. However I cannot find any instructions on how to use the doughnut chart anywhere. I’ve searched the Bubble video lessons, YouTube, google and tried ChatGPT and after many hours I can’t work it out.

Can someone pls advise what I need to do?