Can the API key parameter avialble in Plugin settings section be chaged dynamically?


I am using OpenAI Chat GPT (developed by @Chakor ). I would like to know if we can change the API key parameter based on the logged-in user in the app.

Best Regards

Hi. I have the same query. Did you ever figure out whether this is possible?

You can create your own using the API Connector and then it can be dynamic. Sometimes plugins don’t let certain fields be dynamic. Does that help? :blush:

Do you mean I could create a plugin based on the API Connector as a template? If that’s possible, I’ll give it a try. I’m very new to Bubble (first app), and I’m struggling to connect to OpenAI. I want users to be able to use their own API keys. I’ll have a look for tutorials or help pages about creating new plugins and try to figure it out. Thank you.