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Can we access the User-Agent info of browser visiting the page


Would it be possible to expose the User-agent info ( for the browser visiting the page ?

Sorry for the necropost. Did you ever find out anything here? Trying to target when someone opens in the wechat app browser vs safari. Wechat has its own user-agent but no way to detect it.

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we might be needing this feature as well. Is it a possibility?

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Yes, this would be useful for mobile apps as well.

It’s really on the current list of things to work on… what is the use case

in my case, it’s for identifying that the user is accessing the app through gonative’s wrapper and hiding the regular Stripe subscriptions and showing Ios in-apps instead.
Gonative said they send the required parameter in the user agent string. So if we could refer to that parameter through conditional formatting or workflows that would be great.


Assuming Gonative passes that info via a JS object…have you tried storing it using @mishav 's Toolbox Plugin (bubble_fn_suffix)? You can reference the function’s value directly or attach it to the User in the DB.

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You could setup a yes/no Expression element:
navigator.userAgent.indexOf('gonative') > -1

Then you can refer to its value in workflows etc.

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thanks a lot guys, will give it a try!

Hey Andrew,
How much progress you made with the WeChat user agent integration? Did you find any good sources of documentation for WeChat? I’d love to incorporate WeChat payments at some point, but it is on the back burner for now.

Like you it has been on the back burner since earlier this year, but will become important again later this year. Likely that /u/mishav toolbox plugin can probably help to get the string via js. I have not looked at it yet though.