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Can we Display CSV data in a repeating group without upload it to database?

Hi, is it possible to display data in a csv file in a repeating group without uploading it to Bubble database?

My general idea is to parse the data to a list of text in a JSON format then display it in a repeating group.

However I am struggling to find a way to make it works. Is there a plugin or plugins to accomplish the task above?

Thanks for reading

Hey @celob185

Good question! Natively, this isn’t currently possible in Bubble. But, there are some plugins that allow you to parse the contents of a CSV without actually having to create db records for each row and that might be where I’d look to solve this.

Give those a look and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else: [email protected]

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I created a tutorial how to set something up (not the exact same case, but the idea is similar) without the need of buying and installing plug-ins.

Maybe it’s worth looking at it.

Many greetings.



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