Can we have better CSS Object-Fit Behavior?

Is there some reason the image scaling cant use or replicate object-fit:cover or contain? The current scaling does not properly proportion images inside image objects and IMGIX pre-processor does not always work either inside repeating groups? If i just go in and add one line of css… img{object-fit:cover) everything is perfect. Can this be implemented into bubble so it does not have to be done with CSS?

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Where do you add that one line of CSS to get object-fit?


Just create a html object on the page near the top and put :
< style > img{object-fit:cover}< /style >

what if you’re trying to apply to a repeating group of images? probably doing something a little wrong here? thanks again.

that will work on every image on the page… you may need to modify it with img{object-fit:cover !important}

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Thanks, Ryan!

this is an important and currently missing piece of the new responsive ui.