Can you persist custom states?

I have a complex page with search query parameters.
Users want these options to persist as they move around the site.

Without saving each item into the database, is there any way to persist these states between page loads?

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Send them as page parameters when redirecting using the Go to page action

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I have several pages that would be passing parameters, each of the two main pages have about ten options to send, so the url could have over 20 or so params to pass around to persist them. I guess it might work but I am not sure if this would be an elegant solution as some contain strings that are quite long.

All I really want is to have a checkbox or a list of options where I could tell the browser I want to save certain custom states in a cookie. In some development languages this would be referred to as the Session scope. This entire scope of variables appears non-existent here.

You would like this part of it:

Floppy is a multi-purpose plugin for reading and writing values to the browser’s storage, using the localStorage, sessionStorage, or IndexedDB interfaces.

Or use URL parameters like my boy @doug.burden said

Or I have not done this, but I think you could use JS to set a cookie using Toolbox plugin “Javascript to Bubble” action and this: JavaScript Cookies