Cannot make changes on editor - Bubble is Down [Test/Live/Dedicated]

Anyone else keep seeing this as well?


Same problem here. Editor is down and apps are down too sadly.


Maybe related


Saving data from the editor was extremely slow for me a few minutes ago and now it is not loading anymore

Edit - Looks their status page finally got updated to catch this

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Man, past couple of days have been rough… T minus 1 month until moving my team to a new project management app I’ve made… and the red alarms going off in my head…

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Ahh, it hadn’t updated yet when I started posting - good to know, sad to see it

Me too. Time to take a lunch break ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Yep. Not loading I thought my internet was breaking or something lol seems like an outage

Same here

Ok so not just me then!

My app is completely down

This is worse than I thought. Run mode sites are down as well.

Same, got a demo in 10 hours for a go/no-go decision. So please don’t let me down Bubble.

My app is redirecting to and not loading.

SSL handshake failed, Error Code 525 on cloudfare.


It would be nice if the team tell us what the heck have been happening this past weeks.


Getting the same Oh no! message in live mode. Hopefully the bubble team is aware of this

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This is also affecting us on a dedicated instance.


Noooo, I just noticed this… not good