Cannot run Bulk API workflow operation in live mode

I have a few API endpoints in Dev mode that allow me to run Bulk actions on my data, but when I switch to Live mode they go away.

Specifically, in Live mode, Data - App Data, All Users (thing), click Bulk, and there is nothing in the Endpoint / API Workflow dropdown.

This is not the case in Dev mode. In Dev mode I see my 4 Endpoints, with only the one specific to Users available to select (which is of course correct).

This is strange because I was able to access these endpoints in Live mode a couple of weeks ago but now they are all of a sudden invisible. I suspect the issue is that when I am in Dev mode, under Settings - API, the box next to This app exposes a workflow API is checked, but when I switch to Live mode it becomes unchecked for some reason??

Any suggestions?

When was the last time you deployed to live?

Good lord - I feel incredibly dumb. That was it! There’s a point when you’ve had too much Bubble I guess and your brain turns to mush. Thank you!