Can't connect to remote server

Yeah - actually won’t work. Their timeout limit is shorter, same with Zapier. One of the primary reasons I was motivated to move all API calls to bubble was the 5 min workflow timeout.

please check your API usage limit.

Which API usage limit? Been in in-depth contact with the Bubble technical team, this is a limitation on their front. They have a 150 second timeout limit for all external API calls, OpenAI included.

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I’m actually facing the same issue. Was investigating if there was a way to handle the error in itself (like they discussed a bit in Message : Could Not Connect to Remote Server), but it doesn’t seem to do the trick for me… Please keep us posted if you find a solution !

Just saw: Extending timeout period for API calls to GPT-4 - #39 by jared.gibb

Which would be a solve for this I think?

The best solution is to make the call to your open ai instance from a cloud service and open a webhook on your backend to receive the response when the cloud function is done.

Please don’t use my example as a way to call a service that requires a secret api key. My method is unsecure and only good for secure endpoints if you’re using some kind of authentication

OpenAI has a limit on API calls. make sure you do not exceed the rate limit of your API key. If you are making the large number of API calls short period, this calls cause to connection failed.

Unfortunately not the issue. My limit is 1,500,000 tokens per minute. It’s a bubble limitation