Message : Could Not Connect to Remote Server

User got this intermittent error when running a workflow that includes an external API call.

Is this “remote server” referring to Bubble server or the API server?

The logs didn’t say much, just simply ended at the API call and threw “Workflow error - Could not connect to remote server” So I have no way to solve it for now.
It happened to me a few times as well yesterday.

How can I solve this?

I’ve got the same issue … contacted the support but doesnt seem to interest them

I am facing the same issue.

Can you share your API connector settings?

API connector is working fine, same API’s are working fine at multiple dispositions.

… The issue is normally when you call the API and is probably a wrong setting when you send the data. It can work in API Connector… but if you have dynamic parameters, there error may come from there.

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got the same error

Estou com o mesmo problema. Alguém já encontrou a solucão?

I have the same error when calling external AI. Logs don’t say much other than could not connect to a remote server.

The problem in my case was that api endpoint was incorrect. Pretty basic rookie mistake.

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