Can't get a logo centered..... :(

I am trying to place a logo on a popup and it seems appartently centered on desktop and in
phone responsive mode.
But on a real phone it looks completely off center.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 20.13.28

Please, do yourself a favor and upgrade to new responsive engine. Thank me later. :sunglasses:

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My app is live…

How much will it mess with my app? I’m not sure what I have to expect…

Here’s my recommendation:

  1. Create a new page to get comfortable with new engine.
  2. Duplicate the most simple page from your current pages & make it responsive. Make sure it’s not connected with the app. Meaning, users can’t get there. Play with it, test it in version-test mode.
  3. Once you’re confident start upgrading your app page by page. Upgrade one page deploy to live. And so on.

Hope this helps :v:

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What you’re saying is that once I upgrade my existing pages won’t get messed up?

Upgrade happens page by page not all at once. At least that’s how it used to work 3 months ago. To test it you can create a new test app and try it there.

Make sure your close icon is aligned to the right, if both are left then it won’t work

Yes close icon to the right and logo centered. That’s how it’s set (despite the screenshot)

I contacted Bubble support. Let’s see what they have to say…

Put it on the Group, both logo and close icon.

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OK. But this would solve it for mobile and mess it up for other formats wouldn’t it?