Cant logout as the page is updated?

Well, I have posted 3 bugs now but this one is just a little irritating. If it is the devs updating then thats alright but I dont think it is. Everytime i try to logout of bubble it stops and then pops up with an update bit that says to re-fresh. I do so and it still doesn’t work. Same happens. Here’s a gif.


Similar to this:

Yeah pretty much. It’s getting quite irritating to be honest.

We are tracking this issue, which seems to only affect some users. We have some more logging in place to debug and fix next week.

Sorry about this! I know it’s been happening for a while.

Its alright. As long as it gets fixed its all good :slight_smile:

Weirdly I found if you go to your account then click logout it works


As emmanuel said. It’s some users affected

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