Can't Preview anymore

13houres ago I added my domain name from Godaddy.
Now when I want to preview my app I can’t see anything.
How can I preview my app in the meantime while the DNS 24hr thing is getting done?

I know DNS Propagation could take 24 - 48 hours but so far the longest it took for me was less than 3 hours.

I’m positive you were able to set it up right but just in case, you might want to recheck.

Have you tried using this?

https://`your app id`

This redirects you to the domain which doesn’t work unfortunately :confused:

You can just click ‘delete domain name’ in the Bubble domains section. Then, it’ll use the preview URL. You can then re-add the domain once the DNS changes have propogated.

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Whoops, my bad on that one @pieterC3. Thanks for the info @georgecollier :saluting_face:

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