Can't Send Data

Hey There ,
I was trying to create a Full Name Thing and whenever i tries to send data to my homepage i gets error
Can anyone help me to solve this ?

Check to make sure the data type of the page is the same as what you’re trying to send. Also, screenshots or descriptions of the error message helps for future reference :slight_smile:

Basically , This is login page and user must type their first name and last name and when the user press create account button

The Following workflow takes place and i can’t send first name data to another page.

Hi @dinace678, if you just need to access the first name text, I’d suggest sending a parameter to the page you’re navigating to - check the box for “Send more parameters to the page” and then reference your name input (example here). On that page, you can use “Get data from page URL” to access the name (example here).

Let me know if I can clarify any of this!

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Thanks For The Explanation .
I did it pretty good at login page but couldn’t figure it how to display first name’s value to the navigated page .
Hope For Your Reply

I think you actually want to send the “User” to the next page, then have an element on page to that uses “current page user’s first name” to populate the text.

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