Can't upload images anymore

Good day,

I am trying to upload new images. It does show that it is uploading but after being uploaded it does not show on the builder interface or webpage after deployment. It always worked in the past.

Hope you can help. Thanks

The solution is:

The filename of a jpg or png should not contain any spaces.

Example: the photo i wish would upload.jpg = red light
sefg08uqh34tbsdfg.jpg = happy faces

I am having the same issue. It was uploading fine yesterday, but beginning last night the uploader shows that I’ve successfully uploaded the correct file name, if I press “see” then I can see the correct file, but in the GUI it is blank and on the test site it is blank.

Yesterday I uploading dozens of photos with spaces in the file name, so I’m not sure if that is the issue. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I’m on a bit of a deadline. Thanks to all for the very supportive and helpful forum!

Wow. Renaming without the spaces worked! Thanks, Ettienne. Very strange because I was uploading the exact same photos yesterday with no issues…glad there is a workaround!

We’re looking into it

I filed a bug report a couple hours ago. Thought I was the only one. They’ll fix it soon!

I’m having similar issue using multi-file uploaded. Database shows files there but only some of the files are showing up in my app.

Per suggestion above - I tried combining filename into one word and then I can upload files. But this isn’t a solution for me as my customers upload files and won’t combine filename. Looks like something happened with bubble in past day or so

Cool man. Glad there is a work around. :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

This feature should be working correctly once again. Please let me know if you experience any further issues.

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Seems to be working for me - thanks for the quick turn!

Thank you very much