Canva API - looking to hire

Hello! Looking to hire someone who can set up the Canva API connection on my app.

Documentation here: How-to guides: Getting started - Canva Button Documentation

Workflow needed.

user clicks on button “create design with Canva”
Canva opens and client does their thing
when finished > save image(s) to my app database
image shows an icon to edit in Canva if needed
when user clicks on image > opens Canva edit for this design / image

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Dee. Do you already have a Canva API key? I’ve checked their documentation, and it seems that they are temporarily closed:

Hi Cristian. Yes I do have the key :wink:

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Is this working? (The Canva API)

We played around with it, but I’ve been busy with other aspects of my app, so it’s on the back burner for now. Will let you know if I get any further with it.


Oh, that would mean a lot! Thanks :smiley:

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Revisiting this- does anyone have experience implementing the (fairly) new Canva APIs?