Centering a map based on user input when search comes up empty

Hey everyone, I’ve been stuck on this for a few days and really need this feature for my app.

I have Map A, which is suppose to display markers for a list of things i searched for and display the markers within x miles of user’s location/user’s chosen location.

I have Map A centered on current user’s location but whenever the search comes up empty, it centers around New York. I would like it to center on their current location even if the search comes up 0.

I’ve tried updating center and zoom manually using a work flow, but it will not update. When i Inspect the element, the center address is either correct, but it wont update onto the map.

I’ve been working with maps lately and one thing that I’ve figured out is a combination of Custom States, Different Maps and Conditionals to Hide/Show the maps.

Map A centers on User’s location, Map C centers on the Search and Map C centers on the Location the User clicks either on the Map marker or on a Repeating group I have by the side.

Each click or interaction (Click on the RG, click on the Marker, Search for a city to center and Pageload) all set up the Custom States as I need them and then Conditions show and hide the maps accordingly and Interactions.

The great thing is that you can now use Width and Height as conditionals which really helps on moving your UI around.

Hope this points you in the right direction!