Centre a floating group on any page size


I have a group (Group A in the screenshots) that contains all the content of my page. I want to make this fixed width and centered on any page / browser.
In the background, I have a background image (Group: Index) that is “as wide as the parent” that should take up the width of the entire page.

The background image works fine - it takes up the space of the browser page - however, the group (that I want fixed and centered) is always skewed to the left as seen in the images below.

Any fix would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe a silly question, but is it center-aligned on the page? In the responsive editor, is it set to center alignment there, too?

yeah - it is center-aligned on the page hence my confusion to why it doesnt stay that way

Are there other elements on the page, outside of that group?

not that I know of - group A has all the content and the ‘index’ element contains the background image

You’re probably best off to share a link to your editor so we can poke around and see what’s going on. It’s going to be tough to tell from screenshots.

I am also getting this issue.
I also see the iOS info bar above the header, but body content scrolls behind it.

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