Challenge: How to display a list of users filtered with a condition

So i create a “User table” and each User has a “Profil table”.
-Each “User” in the “User table” is a “Beautypro” (= no, some will be =yes).
-I wanna display in a repeating group with the “Profil table” data of users that are “Beautypro=true”.
I don’t know if you understand what i’m trying to display…

Hello @technique.lookhubbe

If the rg is of users, then based on the database structure that you have the search expression should be:

Thank you, for your answer :slight_smile:
But after i filter the users that are indeed beautypro, how do i use the User’s “User Profil” infos that are linked in the database to appear in the repeating group?


Just recently I suggested to another Bubbler to become more familiar with certain Bubble programming concepts that I believe also could apply in your case.

Please review the following:

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Thank you

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