Change a date to Monday

I’m building a to-do app, and I would like to have a quick way to change a task’s date to Monday.

Changing a task dates to tomorrow is easy [current tasks date +1 day] but how do I always move a task to Monday?

Thank you

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You need to extract the day from the current date/time and then add x days to get you to Monday which is day=1 (i think). I did a quick test and extract day from today which is Sat and no is 6 so guess Mon is 1. You might need 7 steps in your wf, one for each of possible day ie wf step for today would be if day=6 then +2 to get to Mon and if day=7 then add +1



Current date/time: rounded down to week +days: 8


Thank you! @cmarchan it worked like a charm!

Thank you Eric for taking the time, but it looks like @cmarchan solution worked for my particular situation.

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yes @cmarchan had elegant solution

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