Change background-color of each day of air date/time picker based on available days

Hi everyone.

I have a collumn called available days as the number that represents the day of the week (123 is for the input that was chosen nothing so it is ignored).


With these numbers representing days of the week: 0=sunday, 1=monday, 2=tuesday... I want to display the background colors for these exact days in the caledar as shown bellow.


For the image above the available days would be: 0, 1, 2, 3, 123, 5, 6 for example and day 26 and 27 would be blocked. Just for example purpose...

With the days of the week as numbers (e.g: extract:day, wich translate to 0 to 9 depending the day of the week) I already managed to display or hide a button to book the current experience/product after clicking a day of the week from the calendar.

I feel that in the Air date/time picker I can change the background of the days in the calendar conditionaly, but since I am not so good with dates in bubble I have no idea how to reach this.


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