Change error message after clicking on an expired magic link

I have a workflow that creates and sends out a magic link to some users. When users click on a magic link more than 24 hours after its creation, the link does not work and the following default error message shows up: “This link is expired or has already been used. Please request another.”

Normally, we are able to change these error messages by going to settings/languages/Application texts & messages but I can’t find this error message there.

How can i edit this error message?

On the page where the user is redirected on failure you can intercept the error.

Create a workflow “an unhandled error occurs” .
Unfortunately it seems that both the error message and the error code are the alerted message, so to handle only this error you need to add a condition “when current workflow error > message contains ''link is expired”. This is not a very strong condition to check because the message can change in the future.
At this point you are in charge of displaying the error, either with an alert or a popup, and you can display the message you want.
You can add a custom app text in the settings if you need to use multiple languages.

Thank you @dorilama!
With other errors, I intercept with the workflow “an unhandled error occurs” by referencing the error code (e.g. DO_NOT_MATCH for "The two passwords do not match!) but the issue is that I can’t find this very error related to expired magic links in the settings/languages/Application texts & messages tab.
Your solution is certainly a good workaround although to your point, it won’t be 100% error proof.

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