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Change month when month has fewer days

UPDATE: Before you read this, I’ve gotten a step further. I’m pretty sure it’s because June has 30 days, and May 31. So when I fetch the :end date of the May day, it happened to be from the 31st. Bubble understandably won’t allow for the date 31st of June, so it jumps to the next day. I’ll update when i’ve got a workaraound.

UPDATE 2: It was indeed my mistake, and was easily corrected by changing the DATE before changing the month. I’ve moved it from Bugs to Need help. Please mark it as solved when you see it.


I’ve been struggling with a problem now for some time, and I’m suspecting it is a bug. Here’s what I do:

For testing purposes, I’ve set up a text box that does the following: fetch the END of a specified date range, and change the month to current month.

Somewhere along the way, the system changes the month to JULY instead of JUNE and the day is changed to 1st:

Here is the date fetched from the date range:end:

Current date time extracts the 6th month, as expected:

… but when the result is presented, June has switched to July and day to 1st:

Is this a bug, or am I making some logical mistake here?

This might be related…

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