Change multiple states on one action

Would be nice to change multiple States for an Element in one Action, as possible with changing Things.

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you mean Custom states for Elements inside a Repeating Group ?

No, not necessarily in a Repeating group. I have several States on a Group I want to change at the same time.

Are you trying to change multiple States to the same value ? Assuming they are all the same type".

Some of them are of the same type, and at some points they could be changed into the same value - typically setting all to initial values (i.e. 0). But the real benefit would be to put all into one Action whatever type and value each is and should be set to.

Oh like a “set a list of states” action and then you’d select the state type and change values in bulk? I can’t think of a great use case now, but clearing a bunch of states in 1 action could be useful and maybe other value changes that allow you to use “this state’s value” with modifiers could create further flexibility.


I use states for local variables so that I don’t have to wait for network traffic to finish (as with Things). Therefore I get a lot of Actions in a row setting the different states (of different types to different values):


It would definitely be nice to clear all states with one action!

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For me that’s what I am looking to do. I want a row to turn RED if an item in the row has a specific value. I tried the following.

  1. On element is an input field which holds a value from the database. Say “NOT OK”
  2. I created an event when input field changes set state of this input to NO
  3. Then in the condition of the group (containing all elements in a row) Background =

But the state is never set. It might not work because Bubble may not consider the element as being in every row. Could it be something like that?

Do you know what’s going on?