Change view relative to screen size

Hi, is it possible to display the width of a container differently depending on the page width of the device it is shown on?
I’d like to show a group container holding a repeating group as 100% width on a mobile device and around 60% on a tablet or PC.
All advice, deeply appreciated.

Just put a condition on it to change the width based on the screen width.

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Hi @graham1

  1. You can set a condition on each element, and this option can work with Responsive Tabs. It’s also important to understand the container types, such as Fixed, Column, Row, and Align to Parent.

  2. you can use Device Detector Plugins to identify user device.

Thanks R14. I used a page load condition sending mobile users to a _mobile clone with element widths specific to a mobile device. That works, but I will have a look at the device detector plugin, prior to launch.