Changelog best practices

I’m researching ways to communicate with my app’s users when I push updates. My hope is that some of you can share what you have found to be “best practices” regarding notifying users about updates.

How do you currently communicate with your users when something is updated in your app?

Do you have a public-facing changelog or do you keep it internal for only signed-in users?

Do you email your users with a summary about the update?

Is your changelog just a simple bulleted list or do you go all in on building a repeating group and a data type of “app updates” with colored tags for things like “bug fixes” and “new features”, etc?

Obviously the sky’s the limit with how this can be built and it’s very dependent on what kind of app you have, but I was curious what you do for your currently published app with live users.

Hey @BrianHenderson,

I usually use Gitbook and have it publicly facing, but you can also do the same directly on your app. I don’t email users unless it’s a major update and when I do I’d do a marketing email instead of transactional email.

My system is to have the following categories then bullets below it:

  • Fixed (Any bug fixes)
  • Changes (Any major changes)
  • Added (Any new thing I’ve added)
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