Changes to how we charge for applications going forward

I think trust is already gone. Doing this means they either do not understand their users, simply do not care or both.

If they pull the plug on this idea, if, every user will think…what’s next?

Not a solid way to start a business


I also want to add a short critique on the monthly users count.

This counts daily active users and sums these up for every month.
So actually if you have 1000 DAUs you get 30k MAUs according to Bubbles calculation.

This is a very questionable way of counting and also does not consider the seasonality involved in many web businesses (eg summer travel).

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Dear Emannuel

I love your product and wish it all the success.

Please do not only appreciate the feedback but consider it too.


How to kill your power users and community in one blog post. Bubble is officially unscalable for the majority of applications.


I would say that it’s not enough that “the majority of users would stay within their existing plan”: I guess most apps are rather confidential in terms of audience, so maybe you’re just taking into account the majority that doesn’t really use Bubble, and forgetting real working apps along the way.
As everybody said, the records limits are ridiculously low, and almost any developer would agree. Even without any user, it will soon become impossible to maintain a price history for an ecommerce app because it would inevitably lead to a crazy price.


So basically… “we hear you but we’re not listening”


Wow. Goodbye! :wave:t3:


This is infuriating and disappointing.

And, this is likely good bye to Bubble for me. I’ve spent four years working on my app, improving it over time and I’ve just now gotten to the point where I’m excited about where in it’s at and users like it and use it.It’s a side hustle for me, so it’s not a big money maker at this point. But I’ve been hoping to grow to something bigger. I’ve been perfectly fine with the personal plan up to this point, be these changes would force me into the $320/month plan. That’s not doable at all. Way to pull the rug out from under all that work, Bubble!

I may explore the external DB avenue but as many have said, what’s going to stop Bubble from doing the same to API calls. Why would I out all that work on into doing that? Plus, i really don’t want to spend time on that when I could be developing the app.


Well it’s not that it makes sense for me either. But we don’t need more guesswork - we need a huge explanation from our bubble-tech owners.

If you think about it, is a visual editor that allows you to connect your frontend to your database through API calls. The difference is that by using commonly known frameworks you can use already developed out of the box components, while with wappler you are constrained by your knowledge of code. Draftbit for isntance is a mobile app builder that uses react-native for the frontend, hence you can use React-native components created by others and plug them in your app very easily.

I’m not saying that wappler is not a good alternative, but due that a lot of people here is concerned about “the limitations” of these tools, is good to take an informed decision. I personally wouldn’t use Wappler, but there are some low-coders that would do magic with it and its low cost.

That being said, there are lot of alternatives in the market. Some are more secure and perform better than what I would be able to code myself in several years, I prefer to spend a few extra bucks to take advantage of the systems that other created and that are easier/faster to learn and use.

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This is exactly what you’ve done.

How do you come up with 10,000 visitors but 5000 rows? With this math only half of the users could even register for your site let alone use any functionality.


I’ve been using Wappler since 6 months. I can literally build anything with it now. Bubble can’t be compared even.

It seems more difficult in the beginning switching from Bubble because Bubble teaches very bad development practices. Once you work on a new project in Wappler, and you understand the basics, a new world opens up.

I STRONGLY recommend Wappler


Yes, that’s for sure and to tell the truth, what bothers me the most is that the advantage of nocode is to allow everyone to make their own app. And to set up solutions with Bubble and an external database, we are on solutions more complex to set up and more difficult to maintain. Whereas choosing Bubble is precisely to have a “simple” solution to make your app.

Yes, but you said it yourself, you have to learn to code and learn their frameworks, meanwhile with react you can build things using already created components, and there are no/low code builders that take advantage of this.

Yes this new pricing structure tied to such low DB rows seems completely disconnected from reality.

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Can you build Facebook clones, social media apps, anything? I mean down to the fine details?

ok, so no change, VERY DISAPPOINTING …


What a poor, canned response, damage control attempt reply to everyone commenting on this post.

You ‘appreciate the feedback’, but refuse to listen to any of it especially coming from long time users of your platform. (Sorry, your shareholders platform)



I think perhaps @gf_wolfer’s suggestion could be a very smart call for Bubble. Youre not running a storage / hosting business after all. If the market for straightforward NoCode “DB as a service” offerings can be seamlessly integrated (and effectively commoditised), then the bubble team can continue to focus on making development accessible to small businesses like mine