Announcing a new pricing and the ability to buy server capacity


We just rolled a new pricing (you should receive an email from the team about this). You can read the detailed announcement here.

The change is significant in a few ways:

  • We do not limit private apps any more, but instead we’ll have a Bubble-branded banner in run mode for free apps
  • We do not monitor workflow runs, but instead let users buy more server capacity as their app scales
  • Plan are per app, and not per account. The plan is managed in the Settings Tab of the editor.

For existing paying customers, you’ll be able to stay on a legacy plan as long as you want. However, if you want to buy additional capacity, you’ll need to migrate to the new system.

We’ll keep this post short as the link above as a more detailed announcement. Let us know if you have any question.


This is great news and I think makes bubble much more flexible for those that are building apps that need performance. Congrats on being flexible on thinking about the biz model and pricing!

I didn’t see how dedicated plans are affected though - any thoughts on that?

Best, John


Dedicated plans are completely different and not impacted by this.


Thanks @emmanuel! These changes are immensely helpful, and the new plans are even more affordable.

Question: what does the “Scheduled workflows” option mean, where it says Personal plans have Monthly Scheduled Workflows? What does this mean versus Weekly or Daily?


This is awesome. Love the SSL considerations. Thank you @emmanuel!


Great news @emmanuel

One question, if the plans now are per apps, now if I´m paying 79$ for my 5 private apps, with the new system I´ll be paying 345$ (69$ x 5 apps), right?

Thanks a lot Bubble team.



If you migrate and need 5 apps yes. But you can always stay on the legacy plan. It’s entirely up to you.


Very nice! Thanks, Bubble!

@jordan.shotwell I think it’s in reference to Recurring Events, which were already on a tiered system like that. You can schedule API workflows to run on a recurring basis (like a weekly newsletter or daily database updates), and the plan you’re on determines how frequently you can run them.


Yep, that’s right

Thanks @emmanuel,

Other question is that when you switch to the new plan in one app for example, and then buy an additional unit. That app will be faster than before? I mean how it´s measured the performance? Workflows run faster? Searches run faster? Page load? RG load is faster also?

Thanks a lot Emmanuel.


Also worth noting that you can choose some of those apps to be on cheaper or free plans if those apps don’t have the same needs



Yes. If your app is being maxed-out (as shown in the logs tab), additional capacity will give your app more CPU-capacity. Note that if your app is not maxed-out, additional capacity won’t help.


What plan do we need to use for templates that we are sellIng through Bubble? Can we use hobby?

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This is great. Good work guys.
What is “server capacity” mean

Bubble lets you run advanced programming operations on our servers. On the Professional plan and above, we reserve server capacity for your app to ensure that your app runs quickly. Each app with reserved capacity starts with 2 units, which determines the amount of server and database CPU time that your app can consume in a given interval. As your app scales, and the amount of users and data grows, you can buy additional units for $20 per month. If your app temporarily exceeds its capacity, we rate-limit the speed at which it runs to keep it under the threshold. You can monitor your usage in real time from the Bubble editor.

Does that mean the app can run faster, in general, with the more advanced plans?

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  1. Could you clarify ‘private apps are unlimited’? All of my apps under the legacy Professional plan are Private apps yet to migrate they would now be charged per app.

  2. Can I Schedule API Workflows on List under the hobby or personal plan?

Just cut my costs in half! Cheers!!!

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  1. we don’t limit private apps any more. so there is not limit. There used to be one on paid plans, but we changed the system to making private apps unlimited and adding a branded banner in run mode for free apps.
  2. Scheduling can be used on personal and up
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How does affect legacy Personal plan on workflow run?

One of Bubble’s powerful features is the ability to run workflows on a regular basis even when a user isn’t currently interacting with your app. On higher plans, you can choose to schedule workflows more frequently: up to monthly on a Personal plan, up to weekly on a Professional plan, and up to daily on Team and Production plans.


The legacy Personal plan was only offering monthly runs, so does the new plan. Daily was on the Team legacy plan as well

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So you cant even have multiple public apps? Its just one app (private or public) per plan?