Changes to our docs

Hello everyone,

We just rolled out changes to our manual, and we’re updating old links throughout the forum over the next day or two. If you spot an old link that’s now broken, please share it with us and we’ll get it fixed asap.

We’re very excited about the changes, which were mainly 1) to make the old manual content more concise and user-friendly; and 2) to include the content from the reference there, so you can interact with, search, and learn from all of our written documentation in one place.

The reference page will be phased out in the near-term; we’ll be focused on the new manual as a hub for our written content going forward.


Excellent! :+1:


Nice to not have to switch back and forth now. Thanks for the update! :blush:


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This looks fantastic, huge amount of work has obviously gone into it. Look forward to using it more over the next few weeks!