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Changing a list of things when a user clicks on a certain image

I am trying to change a list of things when a user clicks on a certain image (the user logs in and goes through an onboarding process where we learn about him/her and we need to save this data in each user’s profile). I am in the workflow area and I have “when image H is clicked” underneath I selected “Make changes to a list of things” and I selected Profile but then I get stuck in the “list to change” area. I cannot figure out what to put here…
What I want to do is this: Every time a user selects image H (artsy), it will save in his/her profile that she likes this image (if could be yes or no, or text). I’ve attached a screenshot of where I am…

There are about 20 other profile parts that I will need to do this same thing with…

“Changing a list of things”…changes the same value of every one of a list of multiple things that you point it at. So you could search for profiles and change something on each one that you find.

It looks like you are trying to change the value on a particular thing, so I think you just want to change that thing, rather than a list ?

Hi @NigelG,
Thanks so much and you are right - I want to change one thing so I don’t need the list part. BUT I am still stuck… I don’t know what to put in the “to change” area… Whatever I put in stays red and I can never get to the end. Any ideas?

The “To Change” box is a reference to the thing you want to change.

It looks like you are trying to change something on the User ? In which case you need “Make Changes to Current User”.

As above.

I am not sure how you are storing your list of “liked Images” on the user ? Is this a list of things that the user likes ?

In which case you would need an array on the User as I have above, which is a list of liked comments.

Hi @NigelG,
Thanks. I am not sure how the best way to store this is as well… I basically have a list of things that make up the “PROFILE” for each user. These are either ratings or images that are either clicked or not clicked. When the user clicks on image H - ARTSY (screen shot attached), I need it to save that this user likes ARTSY. I’ve changed ARTSY to a yes/no type question but the “To change” box is still red. I am saying when you click this image, change the Artsy question to yes but it won’t let me end there - I need to add something else but I’m not sure what.

I’d appreciate your help with what to add in this “to change” box and also with how I should label all of this profile questions as one list. However, I do not want to change all of the yes/nos in the list when one image is selected.

Ok, so it sounds like you have a field on the User which is Artsy and of type Yes / No.

Is that right ? And a similar one for Upscale etc ?

In which case the “Thing to Change” would be the Current User, and you have a different action for that.

You can then set Artsy = Yes when the image is clicked.

Or have you got a Profile “thing” which these on, which are linked to the user ?

The bit, I think, that is often confusing is that “Thing to Change” means the database row you want to change, not the field you want to update.

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@NigelG Amazing and yes , I did not understand that the thing to change is the row. Now it makes a lot more sense. I am still wondering if I should create a list for “Profile” with Artsy, Upscale, etc. inside it or if I should create Artsy and Upscale as their own “things.” If I can change things separately inside the list then maybe a list would be better. Later I will be using “Profile” ranked by similarity to compare users.
Thanks again!

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You could have an array (list) of categories on the Profile, and then set up the category thing with the names and images. That way you could have a group and set the group category and pull this in. Then the action would add the parent’s group to the list on the profile, so it might be easier to add new stuff in future.