Changing App to a subdomain broke my app. Any Ideas why?


I decided to change my app to use a subdomain , and then use webflow to host my landing page ’ '.

My app was working perfectly fine, and I changed no workflows or anything, just the domain settings so I could use both webflow for my landing and bubble for my actual app.

However, when I made this change, my app broke. Users when logged out were not able to log back in, and it essesntially broke the app for old users and new users who end up signing out. Since then I reverted it back and now the app is fully functional again… but I have no idea as to why this happened.

This was the error users got when trying to log in, being unable to:


Would appreciate any insight into this because I would love to use webflow as my landing page, but this requires me setting the bubble app as a subdomain, but no idea why that breaks my app.


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