Chat/Forum for Website Users/Members (via Discord?)

Hi there!

i’m trying to find a way to chat with my website users/members (its a community of freedivers). is it possible to integrate with discord so that users can sign into the member area of the site (with their username and pw that they created when they signed up to my bubble site/app) and then use discord on lets say a chat page (where discord is embeded)? im also using discrod as an example, could be any other chat app…

thanks for any thoughts or insights!

Hi @smombartz,

Welcome! You could have look at the discord API and see if it’s possible, another idea might be to buy a chat template if you are not yet comfortable enough to develop it yourself.

Edit: From a quick bit of reading I can see it is possible to embed the server in your website and it doesn’t look too hard.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

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