ChatGPT AI Assistants API Integration

Hello my fellow developers, so I’m building an Ai assitant for a client leveraging the API connector, I have successfully initalized all calls including the “list messages in a thread” API but i can’t seem to display the assistant’s text’s value response on the front end when I’m testing the application, it only displays the user’s text value response.

Ps- I have already set the content type of the repeatin

2 image

g group to be a text and left the data source empty

Hi @ai14

Generally a “Run” (Step 4) can take a few seconds to process. Its default status is “queued” or “in progress”. You need to refer to the OpenAI documentation to view all the different statuses and structure your workflows accordingly.

For example, you need to put Step 5 “Retrieve a Run” within a standalone backend workflow, which you need to schedule after Step 4, and re-schedule it until the “Retrieve a Run” status is not “queued” or “in progress”. Only then you can “List messages” and display them in a RG.

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Yeap. Great guidance by @ambroisedlg

You need to poll the run and when status is “complete” the thread should have the assistant’s response

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