ChatGPT Clone [Template from Zeroic]

Introducing the ChatGPT Clone Template by Zeroic

A fully responsive template with dark and light modes exactly like the real ChatGPT. Easy to edit & maintain. Start chatting now!

Salient features

:left_speech_bubble: Identical to ChatGPT: The closest replica that you would ever find on Bubble.

:brain: Beginner-friendly: Intuitive conversation-style chat layout out of the box.

:iphone: Fully responsive: Whether it is your laptop or mobile device, view this seamlessly across your devices.

:recycle: Regenerate responses with ease: Just like how it happens in ChatGPT.

:bar_chart: Collapsible sidebar: Give your users the much-needed freedom of the entire screen, if required.


Test credentials




  • You need to add your OpenAI API key for the app to work.
  • You can check out the live demo or video walkthrough and see how it works and how it feels.


Template creator
Mohit Gaddam

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