ChatGPT on your own DB?

Has anyone seen a guide on this? or even a post within the forum? Can’t find one :frowning:

Do you mean use ChatGPT but have ChatGPT use the data from your database?

Don’t think it is possible as ChatGPT has been trained on a set of data that is from 2021 and prior…How do I know this? I asked ChatGPT about it :wink:

Maybe you could log into ChatGPT and ask it…“Hey ChatGPT, can I train you using the data from my Bubble webapp database?”

I’d be surprised if it answered yes

They have stated they may open it to model training like DaVinci-3 in the future but for now it’s just what they have. that said, using the system feature is a solid guide.

Yes, it is possible. The GPT 3.5 Turbo model (the same one used in Bing and ChatGPT) is already available, but this type of model is pre-trained, and fine-tuning is not possible on it.

However, you can fine-tune your model using the davinci model (GPT 3) and train it to recognize and generate API calls integrated with your Bubble database. I created a plugin to assist in the fine-tuning process, and if you are interested, you can access it through the link: Unleash the Power of GPT-3 with the New Trainer Plugin!

I hope this helps.

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