Check empty string in one fields of many objects

I have a list of TrackSubmission with a TrackUrl field. When pressing the Submit Button I want to check that none of its Url are empty string. I thought I could do like this :


But weirdly enough the is empty operator return a list of boolean which :count is always >0.

So how would you do ?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, this has caught me out a few times in the past…

The count of the yes/no will always be more than 0 (assuming there is a StatTrackSubmission) as the expression :each item's URL is empty will evaluate to either yes or no - so counting those boolean values will give you the same number as there are ‘each items’.

Instead you’ll need to apply a filter to the StateTrackSubmissions, then do a count of the filtered results.

So try: SubmissionForm's StateTrackSubmission: Filtered [This StateTrackSubmssion's URL is empty]: count > 0


Oh my god thanks so much it worked !

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