Check if a date is missing in a list

Hey bubblers

I have the following situation:

  • A list of type date which contains multiple date for example [15/11/2018, 16/11/2018, 17/11/2018, 19/11/2018]

Now I want to check if a day is missing from the start date to the end date. In the example above, the 18/11/2018 would be missing.

Could you give me a hint, how you would solve this? (in a programming language I would create a for loop which checks the continuity of the date)

There are probably easier ways but …

Generate a list of dates from a to b - would probably use a hidden repeating group based on the toolbox plugins number list.

The compare that list of dates with the input list using :intersects - this gives us the ones that ARE in the list.

Now flip it round by taking the list of dates in the hidden RG and doing a “where doesn’t contain”.

or something like that :slight_smile: