Check list of Custome_State words in sentence

Hi Guru,
I am loading a series of terms into a Custom State of type Text List.
I then want to test if a sentence contains one of the list Custom State terms.
1 - if I test with :first item it works

2 - if I try another option item until #. or contains, it is impossible to validate my expression (error in red)

Syntax problem ?

Thanks for help

Items until # gives you a list from the custom state list.

Then you say items until the count of the same custom state list, which is the same as the original list, so technically it doesn’t make sense.

Finally you say format as text. This converts a list to a text. That might work if you put it to the correct place.

If your intention is to get a sublist from the custom state, and convert it into a text and check if contains work or not, format as text should be right after the inner list (the first more).

But again, currently, the inner list is either redundant or totally useless.

Thanks, for your reply,

i do this ASAP.

Dear hergin:

i try to do this in other project using the :filtered

C-txt-reponse : is the field of database (Text)
CS_TextAlert (is a list of words)

1 with fixed number on my custom state the filter is ok (# first item)

2 if i try to use the :from# 1 / :until # 3, i’ve no answer

I think the list / array of fields is not working .