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Check User's Stripe Subscription

I am using the Stripe plugin built by Bubble and it is working fine with payments and processing.

Basically, I have a button and behind this button is a page for paid users only to access. I currently have it so that if a user clicks on the button, then a popup displays for them to choose which Stripe plan they would liike (unless they have already paid for it via the app). The dilemma is that users will be subscribing via the app and a website built on a different platform, the common ground being Stripe. My goal is that Stripe recognizes the user’s email and knows which plan they have paid for on either the app or website.

I have seen API Connector recommended to accomplish this but I am unsure of how to integrate that.

Please let me know how I could go about resolving this.

You should setup Stripe webhooks so that when someone pays on a different platform, you can receive a webhook and upgrade their account automatically.

In terms of the other website, would they already have an account created on your bubble app?

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If the user uses the same email address when they purchase the subscription and to signup for your application, that shouldn’t be a problem. Stripe creates a ‘customer’ object and that customer object has an email address attached to it. You can very easily setup an API call to get the customer object from stripe when a user sign up for your app and then from that you can access the data related to any subscriptions they have.

If the user is already signed up to your app and they go to a different website to purchase a subscription, a webhook can be setup to provide the event notification to your application. You would then be able to run workflow actions to process the users subscription status and reference the customers email address to make the changes in your database to the correct User.

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Thank you. I will begin looking into webhooks and how to use it.

To answer your question, not necessarily. On the website there will be a Flipbook, the user will then have to pay for the Flipbook. If the same user signs up for an account via the app, I want Stripe to scan the list of emails in the paid database and give the user access based on their email address.