Stripe integration with payment URL

Hi all,

So, as many others out there I am trying to integrate Stripe into my app. I’d prefer to do it only with the Stripe payment URL (user visits the URL and uses Stripe’s own payment UI). So the flow of actions is supposed to go like this:

  1. New user lands on the app, creates an account.

  2. After that, they get to their personal dashboard where they find a section providing them with info about their subscription status. If they have no subscription yet, they are prompted to purchase one. For that, they click on a button, which opens a new tab that takes them to the payment URL from Stripe, where they can input their payment info.

  3. After successfully subscribing they are supposed to be redirected to their dashboard where they can find their subscription status updated.

Now, I got all the webhook stuff covered. I know how to read data into my bubble app’s database when it arrives from a stripe event. However, the problem is, when the subscription is purchased via the payment URL, stripe very obviously doesn’t know the user of my bubble app, who did the purchase. So when it sends the subscription creation information via webhook, the information doesn’t contain info about who was the bubble app user that purchased ths subscription. In the end this means that, from the webhook data, bubble doesn’t know to who’s user account it should allocate that new subscription to.

I know I can manage this by making my complete own payment form and use the stripe plug-in and manage it that way, and I also know I could technically manage it with billflow in addition to stripe. However, I find the desired solution as I describe it above much more simple and adequate for my app, so I would prefer it that way.

So in summary, I need a user to be able to make their puchase directly under stripe’s own payment form (the payment URL) and I need to be able to make the connection between my app’s user and the stripe customer ID. Any chance anybody knows how I can get it to work in the way I want?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rob
did you find the solution ? It would help me too !!
after checkin in Bubble , I want the client to subscribe with Stripe

Any help will b much appreciated


What I’ve done in this scenario:

When a user signs up for my app, I automatically create them as a Stripe customer using their email address. Then I create that payment page link and associate it with that customer ID.

Once a subscription is created in Stripe, I set up the webhook to send that subscription ID back to bubble and associate it with whichever user has the customer ID. Pretty simple :slightly_smiling_face: