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Checking if data exists on signup

I need to check if the value which is typed inside a field exists inside another table or not before i can signup the user.
If this value doesn’t exist then I don’t want to sign up the user.
I successfully did this by doing a “subscribe only if”.
If the typed by the user doesn’t exist in another table, then he won’t be created.
But the form is still submitted and the user is redirected to the thank you page, which I don’t want.
I would like to prevent the user from validating the form if the value is not correct.

Could you please tell me how i could achieve this ?
I tried different things but nothing works : the user valdiates the form, he gets created or not (depending if the value is correct or not) but in all cases he gets the thank you page.

I can accept this for now but at least he should get thank you page or error page depending on if he got created or not… But I don’t know how to check this either…

Thanks for your help.

Can you share your current workflow? What is the condition that the next page is being shown (I guess you used the “go to page”…

Other than that, you could create one workflow which prohibits the user from being created and show a pop-up instead and another workflow which creates the user and redirects him to the thank-you page.

Many greetings.


Hi @bonjourbenny,
If the value doesn’t exist, before creating the user, you can use “Terminate this workflow”
Let me know if that helps,