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Our questions: Is there a way to fully integrate a third party background check service with our app, so that information entered into the app, can be sent through API connection from the spots that the information is entered into the app? Has anyone had experience with Checkr, or set up a similar process with a third party service to their app in a similar manner?

Background: We are building an app that will allow a customer to connect with a worker at their home, so we need background checks for hiring workers. We have settled on using Checkr, and they need about 6-8 key pieces of information that the worker has to enter, and then the worker hits the submit button, and it starts the background check process. The issue is that the information required for the check is info that is redundant and already entered into the app. We are trying to save the worker from the painful sign up process where they are required to re-enter information that has already been collected.

Checkr has a REST API that allows you to create a candidate and perform background check for a candidate.
So you can use the information you have on the customer to create a candidate and get a report for the candidate.

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I previously sent an inquiry to Checkr about utilizing their API (ie. becoming a platform that can facilitate background checks as part of the platform’s service). They’re a great industry standard.

This response is from August, so it may not reflect the current reality. But I believe this is still the case. (Note: I’d clearly explained I was a developer and looking to do a direct integration).

They may let you become an API partner. But it doesn’t appear that they will make it easy.

To get started with Checkr, we require using a partner from our network listed below. The benefits of using a partner are:

  • Speed: Pre-built integrations that help you get signed up in minutes
  • Price: Discounted pricing on background checks by using our partners
  • Efficiency: Keep all of your data in one place and reduce manual entry
  • Preferred Partners: Checkr is working with two preferred partners, Zenefits and BreezyHR, who are offering Checkrusers with a free account. By signing up, you will have access to a full applicant tracking system or HR system in addition to running background checks.


Zenefits is a 100% cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platform that helps companies empower their modern workforces. In addition to Checkr, you will also have access to their suite of applications including payroll, time and attendance, benefits management, and more. Learn more here.


Breezy is an applicant tracking system (ATS) built to help you modernize your recruiting process. Manage end-to-end hiring that includes advertising openings on over 40 job boards, managing offers, running Checkr background checks, and onboarding new employees. Sign up here.

All Integrations

To view all of our integrations, please visit this page here. If you find an integration that you’d like to use, you can contact the company to get signed up. All of the partners listed on the page have background checks powered by Checkr and make it seamless for you to start running checks.


Hey Sean,

We’re trying to integrate Checkr with on of our apps. The app is basically a job portal where candidates can apply to jobs and get selected by job owners and companies can sign-up and create jobs, post them onto Google for Jobs in real-time and source candidates. So while sourcing candidates the companies can see a background check report an this background check we have Onfido doing it now but we wanna move to Checkr because it also has work permit check. So do you know how you can integrate with Checkr?

Hi @prajnyabaliga3186 read @dan1’s comment above. I haven’t implemented Checkr myself.

@seanhoots Oh okay. @theagneyagency Can we directly implement Checkr if we have their API keys and y creating webhooks to get results?

You can use our Checkr Plugin